NORSI’s Management Team runs the day to day operations of NORSI.

Management Team Role: The Management Team is the secreteriat for NORSI, and execute central administrative and coordinating duties, and runs the day to day operations of NORSI.

Management Team Members:

NORSI Executive Management Team consists of:

  • Roger Sørheim, NTNU – Host institution, NORSI Director
  • Åsa Lindholm Dahlstrand, Lund uni. – Swedish institution faculty
  • Marianne Castren, SSES – Swedish coordination unit
  • Elise Maria Irgens – NORSI Manager

NORSI Administration and Coordination: NORSI is coordinated by NTNU and Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES).

NORSI’s management team works for an open and effective communication between all partners.

The NORSI Management Team have responsibility and authority to:

  • Monitor and execute management of the Project in accordance with the Consortium Agreement and the Contract.
  • Monitor compliance by the Consortium Participants with their obligations.
  • Report on major deviations of progress and/or costs with respect to
    approved plans to the Executive committee, and propose measures to relief such deviations.
  • Prepare meetings, suggest decisions and prepare the agenda before meetings of the General Assembly, the Executive committee and management meetings.
  • Collect, review and submit information on the progress of the Project and reports and other deliverables (including financial statements and relatedcertifications) to the Research Council.
  • Administer the Research Council’s financial contribution and be responsible for budgets.
  • Participate in the General Assembly and Executive Committee meetings in order to provide information for decisions.
  • The NORSI Management Team and Executive Committee shall establish a practice to discuss “bottom-up” ideas, suggestions, projects and initiatives brought forward from the NORSI community.
  • The NORSI community shall have an open and transparent culture of participation and contribution.


The representatives of partner institutions constitute the General Assembly and the Management Team consist of representatives from the host institutions and coordinators.

Practical Information