Travel refund procedures for NORSI students, alumni, faculty and supervisors 2021-2024

NORSI will cover accomodation expenses to NORSI community members participating in some of our events. This will be booked directly by NORSI. NORSI has two categories of academic courses: core and partner courses and extracurricular activities. NORSI do not cover travel expenses in connection with either core courses or partner courses! NORSI covers accommodation in connection with core activities and courses but as of January 2024, we do not cover any travel costs. This needs to be covered by the participant. If you come from a location/institution far away from the location where the course or activity is held you can apply for some funding. Send a application to for more information.

NORSI only covers accommodation for the course days. If you plan to stay for longer than the course lasts, this will be at your own expense.