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NORSI, or the Nordic Research School in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, is a research institution for PhD students in the Nordic region specializing in innovation and entrepreneurship. Its mission is to improve and fortify the Nordic research education and community in these fields.



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NORSI provides PhD-level courses in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship research. Feel free to join one or several of our courses.

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NORSI, the Nordic Research School in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, offers an extensive range of doctoral courses specifically tailored for research in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. The course offerings are diverse and encompass a broad array of topics and sub-fields, allowing students to delve deeply into their areas of interest within the broader domain of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The doctoral courses are structured to be flexible and accessible. They are primarily organized as physical, in-person classes that foster a rich, interactive learning environment.

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NORSI believes in the value of a holistic educational experience for its doctoral students. Apart from the rigorous academic curriculum in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship, NORSI facilitates a host of extracurricular activities. These are designed to supplement the students’ research education and nurture their interpersonal skills, expand their perspectives, and build meaningful network connections.


NORSI, the Nordic Research School in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, operates under a well-structured governance system which includes a Management Team, an Executive Committee, and a General Assembly.

These three groups, working in synergy, ensure that NORSI is effectively managed, continues to uphold its mission, and stays committed to providing excellent research education in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. This well-balanced structure promotes transparent decision-making and inclusive representation from all associated parties.

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NORSI’s doctoral students are involved with innovation and entrepreneurship-oriented research at universities and colleges in the Nordic countries. With a broad variety of members with different experiences and backgrounds, we are contributing to a better learning environment and making it possible for our students to exchange and further develop their education.


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The Research Council of Norway


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