NORSI Core Courses Policy

Core and partner courses: NORSI offers both core and partner courses. NORSI organizes the core courses, while the partner courses are recommended by NORSI but fully organized by one of the NORSI partners that will only receive partial support.

Focus on co-creating of courses and course portfolio: The NORSI course portfolio was developed with involvement of all partners through workshops and online discussions. All core courses have been developed through the involvement of several NORSI partners and are still evolving, based on experience with running courses and feedback from our students. The course content, specialization, research focus and perspective emerge as part of the course development discussions.

NORSI core course criteria – for initiatives and funding

  • Collaboration – several NORSI partners -minimum 3
  • One NORSI partner is course host
  • Partner institutions should be from different countries
  • Course gives 7,5 ECTS and are graded pass/fail
  • Course is registered and part of the host university portfolio – important for student transcripts and anchoring

NORSI course format

  • Alterative 1: 1 week physical
  • Alternative 2: Hybrid – 2/3 days digital and 2/3 days physical
  • Focus on nettwork-building

NORSI pedagogy – what makes a NORSI course

  • Students use their own research – strong involvement of the PhD candidates in the course
  • Students use heir own research in the course papers
  • Direct feed-back to students
  • NORSI teaching methods
  • Autonomy
  • Opportunities for dialogue with faculty
  • Perspectives from involved faculty and students from various institutions in the Nordic countries

NORSI course content

  • Develop a course involving partners with quality research within a particular area and that are experts in a field
  • Show the classic and newest research within the research area
  • Create a conversation of the main topics within a particular research area
  • Invite in world-class international experts