NORSI Student Membership

Why apply for NORSI student membership

Doctoral students within innovation and entrepreneurial studies enroll to take academic courses offered by NORSI and its partner institutions. NORSI is also an active network in the innovation and entrepreneurship research communities.

Flexible Program: Doctoral students take courses as an integral part of their doctoral studies either from the beginning of their studies or later in their doctoral research. NORSI is a flexible and complementary doctoral program developed to fit students’ individual research progress and course requirements at their “home” institutions.

Doctoral Courses: The NORSI course portfolio covers innovation and entrepreneurship research ranging from management and firm perspective to a broader systems approach, and seeks to understand the process of innovation and its relation to economic growth by specializing in innovation systems, policies, globalization of innovation, entrepreneurship, social changes of innovation, and sustainability transitions.

Partner Institutions and Network: NORSI is a networked-based research school that consists of 28 partner institutions.

Who can become a NORSI student member?

Ph.d. students at the NORSI partner institutions within the research areas of innovation and entreprenurshp may become member of NORSI.

How to apply for NORSI student membership

NORSI has continuous enrollment. To enroll send in a formal application containing your.

1) Your CV

2) Acceptance letter to your PhD programme

3) A letter/email from your institution/supervisor confirming that they recommend that you become part of NORSI

4) A letter of interest/short email specifying how a membership in NORSI will benefit your research education.

Please forward you application here:
Apply For a Student Membership

Benefits of student membership

  • High-quality academic courses within entrepreneurship and innovation research
  • A flexible program intended to strengthen your knowledge of innovation and entreprenurship research
  • An opportunity to be an integral part of a research network and knowledge exchange partnership
  • Lectures by leading international scholars
  • Timely information about NORSI courses and research
  • The opportunity to develop a strong network among other NORSI students and meet NORSI faculty
  • Travel costs support for all NORSI courses and activities

NORSI Programme Director
Roger Sørheim
Professor NTNU

NORSI Project Coordinator
Elise Irgens
Senior Executive Officer NTNU