Frequently asked questions - FAQ

In order to become a NORSI student member the institution you are working at have to be a Nordic University that is a partner of NORSI. See this link if your institution is a NORSI partner described in the section over (What Nordic Institutions are a part of NORSI). We only accept PhD candidates that researches the topic of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

For NORSI core courses, NORSI cover all travel costs (economy class), accommodation and food (lunch at the hotel, lunch at the host institution and one dinner where all students and faculty are invited)For NORSI partner courses, NORSI do not cover any expenses connected to the course.

NORSI have our administration through NTNU in Trondheim and after NORSI core courses we kindly ask you to create a BetalMeg account. Read more and create your account here: Click here

Note! All the reimbursements are manually handled at NTNU and no reimbursement claims other than flight, train, bus or tram tickets (economy class) will be approved.