Kappa Seminar June 2024

The dates for the spring edition of the Kappa Seminar is 12-14 June 2024. Location: Lyngby outside Copenhagen at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Aim Kappa kick start: This seminar is designed to kick-start the development of the cover story “kappe” of the participants’ article based PhD dissertation. The aim is to develop a clear […]

Crafting Spaces for Entrepreneurial Learning

Considering the significance of innovation and creativity in entrepreneurship, crafting spaces that inspire students is something that universities have rightly started to prioritise. But what really makes a space inspiring? How can physical environments be conducive to new ideas? The objective of this workshop is to investigate the factors that contribute to the innovativeness of […]

NORSI-PING Student Writing Workshop and Supervisory Seminar 2016

The NORSI-PING Student Writing Workshop and Supervisory Seminar 2016 was held 11-12 April at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. On April 11th, we are organizing a Writing Seminar for all PING students, and on April 12th we will hold a supervisor seminar for both student and supervisors focusing on how to supervise the writing […]

NORSI Research School Conference 2016

15 December 2016 at BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo. Thank you to those who attended the NORSI Conference 2016! Over 60 people participated, including NORSI students and faculty, agency personnel, and others who are interested in the emerging research within the innovation field. 15 NORSI students presented and received prepared feed-back from one senior and […]

NORSI Writing the Introduction to Article-based Dissertations: “Kappa”-workshop

This two-day workshop is for NORSI students in the later stage of their PhD work who are writing article-based dissertations. Location: Kjerringøy brygge, near Bodø. Dates: 27-28 April, 2017. All participants must be present in Bodø at 08:30 a.m. on 27 April at the latest for bus transportation to Kjerringøy. Objective Formulate a clear sense […]

NORSI Policy and Research Workshop

The Research Council of Norway invited all NORSI representatives and students to a half-day research policy workshop on 1 June 2017 at 13:00-16:30 (Auditoriet Moser) at Lysaker (right outside Oslo). This seminar was organized and sponsored by The Research Council of Norway, through their Programme on Regional Research-based Innovation (FORREGION). Content and Program The workshop focused on […]

NORSI Excursion to China October 2017

China has one of the world’s largest and fastest growing economies, and China is now one of Norway’s main trading partners. The development of China’s economy has great significance for key sectors of the Norwegian economy, primarily the export of oil and gas and fish. China spends considerable resources on R&D and innovation to restructure […]

NORSI Research School Conference 2018

The 2018 NORSI Research School Conference held 11-12 January at BI Norwegian Business School showcased the interdisciplinary and high quality research currently being conducted by the students within innovation studies that are part of NORSI. NORSI is in its sixth year and the annual conference has become an important meeting place for the NORSI research […]

NORSI Writing Retreat 2018

NORSI organizes a three-day writing retreat in May 2018 (7th-9th). During these days, you will work on your writing skills as well as attend short workshops focusing on «the art of academic writing». Talks and discussion will focus on the following topics: How to structure your writing time, get progress in your writing and overcome […]