NORSI Excursion to China October 2017

China has one of the world’s largest and fastest growing economies, and China is now one of Norway’s main trading partners. The development of China’s economy has great significance for key sectors of the Norwegian economy, primarily the export of oil and gas and fish. China spends considerable resources on R&D and innovation to restructure their economy from a cheap labor based to become an advanced technology and knowledge-based economy.
Therefore, NORSI is planning a faculty-led study trip to China for NORSI students to provide a hands-on experience on how innovation systems works in China. The program will focus on industry – university relations, areas of R&D and innovation, China’s acquisitions of foreign enterprises (including Norwegian), Norwegian business presence and innovation activity in China, and outlook for Norwegian exports to and investments in China in the future.


This will be a six- day study trip with academic program every day. The program will take place Shanghai and Hangzhou in Zhejiang province in eastern China. Hangzhou is about 1 hour by fast train from Shanghai and just hosted the G20 group conference. The program will draw on NORSI faculty’s contacts. The academic program will take place at Fudan University and Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. There will be lectures from distinguished scholars, and visits to entrepreneurs and high-tech firms.
The Zhejiang Province is the region in China with the highest percentage of private industry. Thus, the program will also have a strong focus on visiting businesses of various scale, both Chinese and Norwegian that are located in the area.

Final program for download

Photos from the Study Tour


Final Schedule:
14 October: Travel
15 October: Arrival / Meet up at hotel in Shanghai
16 October: Shanghai – Fudan University
17 October: Shanghai – Fudan University and business visits
18 October: Shanghai – Business Visit and travel to Hangzhou
19 October: Hangzhou – Zhejiang University and business visits
20 October: Hangzhou – Zhejiang University and business visits
21 October: Hangzhou – West Lake – Boat excursion and travel back to Shanghai (Departure)
22 October: Shanghai – Departure

Preliminary schedule overview:

The program is now fully booked. 20 NORSI students, the NORSI Managment Team and representatives from the Research Council of Norway are travelling.

Travel Costs

NORSI will cover accommodation (14) 15-21 October, local transportation in China, all meals that are part of the official program, fees and honorariums related to business and university visits.
NORSI students will have to cover their own plane tickets, and local travel in Norway. NORSI will not pay per diem (diett) for the trip but will cover meals that are part of the official program. Thus, there might be some meals out of your own pocket.

NORSI has received extra funding for this study trip from the Research Council of Norway.

Date & Location

Date: 14/10/2017
When: Week 42: 14 – 22 October 2017 (including travel dates)
Where: Shanghai and Hangzhou in Zhejiang province in eastern China.