NORSI Research School Conference 2016

15 December 2016 at BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo.
Thank you to those who attended the NORSI Conference 2016! Over 60 people participated, including NORSI students and faculty, agency personnel, and others who are interested in the emerging research within the innovation field. 15 NORSI students presented and received prepared feed-back from one senior and one junior discussants,

norsi_program_15-december-2016abstracts and particpant list now available.

This is a great opportunity to present your research and get constructive feedback!


NORSI invites you to a one –day conference for all NORSI PhD students to present their work in progress.  Anyone interested in the latest within innovation research, friends and networks partners of NORSI are welcome. We encourage all NORSI students and supervisors to attend.

The aim is to provide a comfortable and open environment for students to presents their research in progress, findings so far, and to receive feedback and support from peers. This is intended to be a platform for all students and not just those whom are near completion. Taking part in the conference is seen as an important part of the research education for students that are part of NORSI. The conference is open for anyone but only NORSI PhD students may present.

NORSI students who opt to not present are also encouraged to attend. NORSI students will be asked to be junior opponents. Even if you do not present, we might ask you to be a junior discussant on a paper.

Abstracts and Presentations

All abstracts are now available here. Each presentation will receive prepared feed-back from both a senior and junior opponent. Abstract (short) deadline is 15 November and paper deadline is 1 DecemberEach student will be given 25 min.; 15 min. presentation and 10 min for feed-back/questions. The paper to be submitted before the conference does not have to be a complete work, and can be in progress. Max. length should be about 8000 words, however shorter papers in draft versions are also acceptable.

Key-Note Lecture

We are happy to announce that Professor Johan Schot, Director of SPRU – Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, UK will provide the Key Note lecture at the NORSI Conference. The title for his lecture is “Responding to a World in Transition: The Past and Future of Transformative Innovation Policy”. Please got to Johan Schot’s website for more information about him and to download two papers which are related to the topic of the talk; one on Deep Transitions and one on Transformative Innovation Policy.
Professor Johan Schot joined the University of Sussex as the Director of SPRU – Science Policy Research Unit – in January 2014. He is a Professor in the History of Technology and Sustainability Transitions Studies. His research is wide ranging but has always focused on integrating social science and historical perspectives for a better understanding of the nature and governance of radical socio-technical change. More info about Professor Johan Schot here.


Please click here to register and submit your details. Registration deadline is 1 December 2016. Anyone planning to attend (with or without abstract/paper) have to register.

Program – Schedule Overview:

15 December 2016, at BI Norwegian Business School, room B2-060

9:30 – 10:00 |    Registration and Coffee/Tea

10:00 – 11:00   |    Keynote: “Responding to a World in Transition: The Past and Future of Transformative Innovation Policy”, Professor Johan Schot, Director SPRU, University of Sussex, UK   

11:00 – 12:30   |   Student presentations x 3

12:30 – 13:30   |   Lunch – served in the Fine Dining area on the 7th floor (Please let Birte know if you are not coming for lunch)

13:30 – 17:15   |   Student presentations x 13

17:15 – 20:30   |   Tapas Dinner and Socializing- Everyone welcome! (In front of B2-060)

Program – Detailed

09:30 – 10:00   |   REGISTRATION AND COFFEE

10:00 – 10:10   |   WELCOME, Roger Sørheim, Managing Director, NORSI and Professor NTNU

10:10 – 11:00   |   KEY NOTE LECTURE, Responding to a World in Transition: The Past and Future of Transformative Innovation Policy, Professor Johan Schot, Director SPRU – Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, UK

11:10 – 11:35   |   Failing to learn from failure in innovation: A systematic literature review,Nhien Nguyen, NTNU
Senior Opponent: Lene Foss, UiT- Arctic; Junior Opponent: Karin Wigger, Nord Uni.

11.35 – 12:00   |   Do ‘green’ employment effects vary across industries? Implications for green growth, Christine Mee Lie, UiO- TIC
Senior Opponent: Arne Isaksen, UiA; Junior Opponent: John-Erik Rørheim, UiS

12:00 – 12:25   |   In Search of Alignment: A Review of Impact Assessment in Entrepreneurship Education, Uladzimir Kamovich, UiT- Arctic
Senior Opponent: Gry A. Alsos, Nord Uni.; Junior Opponent: Nhien Nguyen, NTNU.

12:30 – 13:30   |   LUNCH – served in BI’s Cafeteria – Fine dining – 7th Floor (for all attendees,please let us know if you can’t attend)

SESSION 2: STUDENT PRESENTATIONS, Session Chair Bjørn T. Asheim, UiS
13:30 – 13:55   |   A theory of trade secret management leading to improvements in appropriability, Haakon Thue Lie, NTNU
Senior Opponent: Knut Sogner, BI; Junior Opponent: Beniamino Callegari, BI

13:55 – 14:20   |   Adapting existing solutions to new problems: a case study of innovation activities among the Norwegian petroleum-related supply companies in crisis, Jakoba Straml Gonzalez, UiO-TIC
Senior Opponent: Bjørn T. Asheim, UiS; Junior Opponent: Nina Hjertvikrem, UiS

14:20 – 14:45   |   Challenges of value co-creation in service eco-innovations: Lessons from the ‘Green retrofit’ network in Northern Denmark, Karin A. Wigger. Nord Uni.,Roberto Rivas Hermann, Nord university and Rosanna Garcia, North Carolina State University
Senior Opponent: Arne Isaksen, UiA; Junior Opponent: Nhien Nguyen, NTNU

14:45 – 15:10   |   Competence as a driver for industrial energy efficiency investments: a study of Norwegian manufacturing firms, Mette Talseth Solnørdal, UiT- Arctic
Senior Opponent: Knut Sogner, BI; Junior Opponent: Tuukka R. R. Mäkitie, UiO-TIC

15:10 – 15:30   |   COFFEE BREAK – Move to 2 parallel sessions

15:30 – 15:55   |  Networks and Innovation in the Subsea Industry in Rogaland: A Multi-Modal Analysis of Network Structures, Nina Hjertvikrem, University of Stavanger
Senior Opponent: Lene Foss, UiT- Arctic; Junior Opponent: Beniamino Callegari, BI

15:55 – 16:20   |  Determinants for grant funding: How network centrality affects European higher education institutions’ participation in Horizon 2020, Simen Enger, UiO-TIC and KD
Senior Opponent: Roger Sørheim, NTNU; Junior Opponent: Haakon Thue Lie, NTNU

16: 20– 16:45   |  Innovation under money manager capitalism: Schumpeterian profitless prosperity and the “money view”, Beniamino Callegari, BI Norwegian Business School
Senior Opponent: Magnus, Gulbrandsen, UiO- TIC; Junior Opponent: Johan Miörner, Circle, Lund Uni.

16:45 – 17:10   |  Challenges during business start-up and growth, Oxana Bulanova and Lars Kolvereid, Nord Uni.
Senior Opponent: Roger Sørheim, NTNU; Junior Opponent: Jakoba Straml Gonzales, UiO-TIC

17.15   |  TAPAS DINNER AND WINE – Everyone Welcome! In front of B2-060.

15:30 – 15:55   | The green fling: Market volatility in incumbent industries and sustainability transitions in an oil-fuelled economy, Tuukka R. R. Mäkitie, University of Oslo, TIC
Senior Opponent: Bjørn T. Asheim, UiS; Junior Opponent: Mette Talseth-Solnørdal, UiT- Arctic

15:55– 16:20   |  Innovation in tourism – The use of Community Innovation Survey (CIS) in a service context, Anne Jørgensen Nordli, Lillehammer University College
Senior Opponent: Tatiana Iakoleva, UiS ; Junior Opponent: Christine Mee Lie, UiO-TIC

16:45 – 17:10   |  Responsible Research and Innovation: A Systematic Review, Raj Kumar Thapa, UiS
Senior Opponent: Gry A. Alsos, Nord Uni.; Junior Opponent: Adeline Hvidsten, BI

17:10 – 17:35   |  Innovation and metamorphosis towards strategic resilience, Marta Morais-Storz, NTNU
Senior Opponent: Magnus Gulbrandsen, UiO- TIC; Junior Opponent: Olga Mikhailova, BI

17.30   |  TAPAS DINNER AND WINE – Everyone Welcome! In front of B2-060.


Travel and accommodation will be covered for all NORSI students, supervisors and representatives.A blook of room has been reserved at Radisson Nydalen hotel. Please reserve your room by sending Birte an email. All travel expences (economy) will be refunded after the conference.

Participant List

Participants NORSI Conference 2016 per 28 November 2016
Name, Affiliation

    • Adeline Hvidsten, BI Norwegian Business School
    • Allan Dahl Andersen, University of Oslo, TIK
    • Anne Jørgensen Nordlie, Lillehammer University College
    • Anne Solgaard, Senior Advisor, Medvind AS
    • Antje Klitkou, NIFU
    • Arne Isaksen, University of Agder
    • Beniamino Callegari, BI Norwegian Business School
    • Betina Riis Asplin, BI Norwegian Business School
    • Birgit Jevnaker, BI Norwegian Business School
    • Birte Horn-Hanssen, BI Norwegian Business School
    • Bisrat Agegnehu, I Norwegian Business School
    • Bjørn T Asheim, University of Stavanger
    • Bjørnar Sæther, University of Oslo
    • Christine Mee Lie, University of Oslo, TIK
    • Daniel Massi, BI Norwegian Business School
    • Dipesh Sigdel, UiT- The Arctic University
    • Elisabeth Gulbrandsen, Research Council Norway
    • Elise Husum, Research Council Norway
    • Erlend Nybakk, BI Norwegian Business School
    • Erlend O. Simensen, University of Oslo, TIK
    • Gro Marthinsen, Research Council Norway
    • Gry Agnete Alsos, Nord University, Business School
    • Gry Cecilie Høiland , University of Stavanger
    • Haakon Thue Lie, NTNU
    • Ingrid Ohna, NTNU
    • Ingrid Katrine Amundsen,University of Oslo, TIK
    • Jakoba Straml Gonzalez, University of Oslo, TIK
    • Johan Miörner, CIRCLE, Lund University
    • Johan Schot, SPRU, University of Sussex
    • John Erik Rørheim, University of Stavanger
    • Karin A. Wigger, Nord University, Business School
    • Keith Peavy, BI Norwegian Business School
    • Knut Sogner, BI Norwegian Business School
    • Kristin Oxley, Research Council Norway
    • Lars Thue, BI Norwegian Business School
    • Lene Foss, UiT- The Arctic University
    • Linn Dybdahl, NIFU
    • Magnus Gulbrandsen, University of Oslo, TIK
    • Marianne Røgeberg, University of Stavanger
    • Marie Lindberg, University of Oslo, TIK
    • Marta Morais-Storz, NTNU
    • Mette Talseth Solnørdal, UiT- The Arctic University
    • Nhat Strøm-Andersen, University of Oslo, TIK
    • Nhien Nguyen, NTNU
    • Nina Hjertevikrem, University of Stavanger
    • Nina Veflen, BI Norwegian Business School
    • Olav Wicken, University of Oslo, TIK
    • Olga Mikhailova, BI Norwegian Business School
    • Oxana Bulanova, Nord University, Business School
    • Philip Lorentzen, Research Council Norway
    • Raj Kumar Thapa, University of Stavanger, Business School
    • Renathe Eline Jacobsen, UiT- The Arctic University
    • Roar Løken Lunder, NAV
    • Roger Sørheim, NTNU
    • Simen Enger, University of Oslo, TIK
    • Stefania Sardo, BI Norwegian Business School
    • Tatiana Iakovleva, University of Stavanger, Business School
    • Tina Næss, University of Oslo, TIK
    • Tine Petersen Malonæs, BI Norwegian Business School
    • Tor Paulson
    • Trine Paus, Research Council Norway
    • Tuukka R. R. Mäkitie, University of Oslo, TIK
    • Uladzimir Kamovich, UiT- The Arctic University
    • Valentina Tartiu, University of Oslo, TIK
    • Åke Moe, Teknologirådet

Contact US

If you have any questions regarding the conference, please contact Birte M. Horn-Hanssen/



Date & Location

Date: 15/10/2016
When: (All-day event)
Where: BI Norwegian Business School, room B2-060