NORSI-PING Student Writing Workshop and Supervisory Seminar 2016

The NORSI-PING Student Writing Workshop and Supervisory Seminar 2016 was held 11-12 April at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. On April 11th, we are organizing a Writing Seminar for all PING students, and on April 12th we will hold a supervisor seminar for both student and supervisors focusing on how to supervise the writing process with Professor Rowena Murray at University of the West of Scotland.

We encourage all students and their supervisors to participate as this is not only a great way of learning how to work on your writing skills but also a fantastic networking opportunity with fellow PING students and faculty. Please note that the NORSI-PING student representative is organizing a student meeting on April 11th, and that you are all invited to a social dinner in the evening on April 11th as well.

Where: The seminars will take place in classroom A2-020 in the Executive part of Bi. There will be signs helping you to find the room. There will be served coffee and tea all day both days, and lunch for all of you both days in our remodeled cafeteria on the seventh floor. Dinner on April 11th will take place in the Restaurant at the Radisson Nydalen Hotel (  Please see schedule overview below.


All of you who asked for an accommodation have a room reserved at Radisson Nydalen hotel, which is located righty next door to BI. All of your rooms will be directly billed to PING/BI.


Please read the description of the seminars and the article provided by Professor Rowena Murray, University of the West of Scotland, who will guide us through these two days. See article (link) and descriptions in below.

Travel refund

PING will refund the travel for all participants (students and supervisors). In order to receive your travel refund please mail in all your original tickets and original receipts (plane, taxi, bus etc.) to Birte. You may scan and email all original receipts. PING does not pay out per diem (diet), thus please save all receipts for meals etc. and send them in.

If your “home” institution has temporarily covered your travel costs, your institution may send BI/Birte and invoice (faktura) asking PING to cover your outstanding travel costs with copies of your receipts. (Norwegian: Hvis ditt lokal studiested legger ut for deg så kan det lokale studiestedet fakturerer BI totalt for alle sine PING studenter med en totalsum for reisekostnadene. Legg ved kopi av vedlegg). Please ask your institution to specify who (your name) the invoice/travel refund is for and write NORSI 8037- 80175 on the invoice. If you have any questions about this, please email Birte Horn-Hanssen.

Content and Readings

RM Student Workshop @ Oslo, Professor Rowena Murray, University of the West of Scotland. This will be a practical workshop, involving writing activities and discussions. Topics we will cover include writing to prompts, analysing academic writing, strategies for generating text, outlining, writing a thesis summary and journal article abstract, making time to write, constructing a ‘contribution’/‘new knowledge’ argument, constructing cohesion in writing and using a repertoire of strategies for both thesis and journal article writing. Participants can use laptops to write during this workshop, but it is not essential. All the activities we will use in this workshop are intended to help participants develop journal articles, thesis arguments and productive writing practices.

For further information:

Murray, R. (2013) Writing for Academic Journals, 3rd edition. Maidenhead: Open University Press-McGraw-Hill.

Murray, R. (2016) How to Write a Thesis, 4th edition. Maidenhead: Open University Press-McGraw-Hill.

R Murray Supervisor Seminar BI Oslo 2016 with Professor Rowena Murray, University of the West of Scotland.This seminar will explore the idea of using a range of approaches to help students develop their academic writing skills and strategies, so that they complete their theses and, where appropriate, publish during their doctorates. We will discuss the pros and cons of different writing strategies and their potential applications at different stages in the thesis writing process. Specific topics will include: defining ‘writing’, the purposes of academic writing, strategies for generating text, strategies for constructing a thesis argument, goal-setting and monitoring for writing, ‘snack’ and ‘binge’ writing and the value of social writing for thesis writers. This seminar is underpinned by research funded by the British Academy, the Carnegie Trust and the Nuffield Foundation.

Lee Murray 2015

Key texts

Clughen, L. & Hardy, C. (Eds) Writing in the Disciplines: Building Supportive Cultures for Student Writing. Bingley: Emerald.

Eley, A. & Murray, R. (2009) How to be an Effective Supervisor. Maidenhead: Open University Press-McGraw-Hill.

Lee, A & Murray, R (2015) Supervising writing: Helping postgraduate students develop as researchers, Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 52(5): 558-570.

Murray, R. (2016) How to Write a Thesis, 4th edn. Maidenhead: Open University Press-McGraw-Hill.





Date & Location

Date: 11/04/2016
When: 11-12 April 2016
Where: BI - Norwegian Business School