Kappa Seminar December 2023

Aim Kappa kick start: This seminar is designed to kick-start the development of the cover story […]

Kappa Seminar 2022

NORSI will arrange a new Kappa Seminar from the 14th to the 16th of December […]

NORSI Fieldtrip to Stockholm!

This year NORSI went on a Fieldtrip to beautiful Stockholm in Sweden! Throughout the week […]

The very first NORSI book!

BIG NEWS ALLERT! The very first book created by the NORSI Community is out now! […]

New NORSI Student and Alumni Representatives!

Please give a warm welcome to our new student representative Julia Noelle Winslow from HVL, […]

NORSI welcomes Four New Partner Institutions into the NORSI Community!

NORSI’s General Assembly was held on the 19th of January 2022 and four new partner […]

Mini Conference 19th of January!

NORSI would like to invite you all to our mini conference on the 19th of […]

Announcing keynote speaker associate professor Tina Saebi

Norsi is proud to present associate professor at Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Tina Saebi […]

NORSI Core Courses Policy

Core and partner courses: NORSI offers both core and partner courses. NORSI organizes the core […]

NORSI’s travel refund policy updated

NORSI has a generous travel refund policy. The travel policy has now ben updated. More […]

Research dissemination and communication collaboration between NORSI & ESBRI

Scientific journalism and knowledge dissemination ESBRI stands for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research Institute and […]

NORSI in the News

Here we link to articles about NORSI and NORSI students and faculty that have been […]

NORSI awarded funding in Sweden!

The Kamprad Family Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Research & Charity has awared NORSI SEK 5 million […]

Congratulations to our newly elected Executive Committee!

During our recent First General Assembly Meeting, held on 28 January 2021 on Zoom – […]

Why NORSI? Key impact and added value of NORSI

Key impacts and added value for students, faculty and institutions for being part of NORSI. […]

NORSI is now Nordic Research School in Innovation and Entrepreneurship!

As as of January 2021 NORSI is the Nordic Research School in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. […]

NORSI Newsletters

Find out and download the recently published NORSI Newsletters!

Nordic NORSI is materializing – planning the consortium

26 institutional partners: 32 participants met on 2 September 2020 (Zoom) to discuss and plan […]

NORSI awarded funding to expand its international and Nordic collaborations

NORSI is awarded funding to expand its international and Nordic collaborations for another 4 years […]

NORSI CONFERENCE 2020 – 8 years of sharing and developing research!

NORSI Conference 2020 completed in its usual form as an informal community research-sharing arena. We had two full NORSI days filled with two dozen student presentations!

Exciting and Extensive Program – NORSI Conf. 2020

The NORSI 2020 Conference program is very research extensive this year and filled with exciting emerging research!


NORSI and the Research Council of Norway organized on 12 December 2019 a seminar on economic development and innovation for regional policy makers.  The Research Council through their Programme on Regional Research-based Innovation (FORREGION) supported the seminar.

Register now! You are invited! – NORSI Research School Conference 2020

The 2019 NORSI Research School Conference will take place Thursday 17th and Friday 18th January 2019 at BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo.

NORSI – a jump off point for an active research group

20 NORSI PhD students and alumni met 5 – 6 September 2019 at BI in Oslo to discuss the possibilities for collaborative research projects and a NORSI book project.

New NORSI Member Insitution: Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL)

NORSI welcomes Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) as a member institution.

NORSI Book Project – Call for abstracts

Edward Elgar has manifested interest in publishing a NORSI research anthology. The intention is to deliver a rich, organic description of innovation and entrepreneurship processes in the context of a universal evolutionary view of society.

NORSI Workshop 1 for Current and Potential Member Institutions

Representatives from 25 Nordic institutions participated in this workshop about the future of NORSI to discuss the NORSI’ application to The Research Council of Norway for partial funding.

The 2019 Norsi Conference – A display of well-prepared presentations and comments

60 participants took part in this year’s Norsi conference at BI Norwegian Business School. There were 22 presenters and 44 prepared comments.

Together for the “kappa” – a workshop for those whom are almost done

Norsi arranged 22-24 August 2018 a writing workshop focusing on how to write the introduction to article-based dissertations.

NORSI Writing Tips,Tricks and Inspiration

20 NORSI students from all over Norway met this week at Hurdalsjøen hotel for a three-day writing retreat.

The 2018 NORSI conference – a successful showcase of current innovation research

The 2018 NORSI Research School Conference held 11-12 January at BI Norwegian Business School showcased the interdisciplinary and high quality research

NORSI in China!

NORSI traveled in mid-October 2017 to Shanghai and Hangzhou in China. The participants were 20 NORSI PhD students from institutions all over Norway.

NORSI Conference 2016 completed successfully!

NORSI invites to a one–day conference for all NORSI PhD students to present their work in progress. The aim is to provide a comfortable and open environment for presenters to discuss their research.

NORSI awarded funding for another 4 years (until 2020)!

During the next four years, NORSI will continue to develop its doctoral program for PhD student within the innovation field.

Norsi took on Silicon Valley

Seventeen students from different NORSI Institutions went to Silicon Valley for an in-depth observation of the most innovative ecosystem of the world

Marit Engen is the first NORSI student to defend her thesis!

Marit Engen, Lillehammer University College defended her thesis on 22 April 2016.