Online PhD-course in Entrepreneurship & Strategy

When, where and who:

When: June 10th – 14th 2024

Where: ORG21 is offered online (on Zoom) by NHH

ECTS credits: 5

Nicolai J. Foss, Michael S. Dahl, Peter G. Klein, Lasse B. Lien & Bram Timmermans

Course responsible: 
Peter G. Klein and Lasse B. Lien           

About the course

If you are interested in research at the intersection of entrepreneurship and strategy NHH has a new PhD course that might be right up your alley.

The purpose of this course is to introduce PhD-students to key theories and empirical findings regarding performance differences from entrepreneurship. It is located at the intersection of the entrepreneurship- and strategy literatures, where the strategy literature offers a general understanding of performance differences across firms, while the entrepreneurship literature contributes specifics for the entrepreneurial firm and the entrepreneurial setting.

The course will start out with general theories of value creation, competitiveness and performance differences, and connect this to the literature on how entrepreneurial opportunities are discovered, created and exploited.

Next, we will examine the role of fundamental inputs such as human capital and finance in the entrepreneurial firm, and the challenges entrepreneurial firms face with respect to accumulating such resources.

Although the first part of the course will mostly equate entrepreneurship with startups or young firms, entrepreneurship is also a phenomenon that takes place in established firms. We will therefore include a part where we examine issues related to entrepreneurship in established firms, and how this contrasts with challenges for startups.

Next, we move on to the context for entrepreneurship. We start out this part of the course with the broader institutional context and focus on how and why this shapes entrepreneurial behavior and the outcomes from entrepreneurship.

Following this, we turn our attention to innovation. We have singled out two complementary topics of particular interest in the context of entrepreneurship. One is that entrepreneurial innovation is increasingly about creating and innovating on business models rather than (or in addition to) product and process innovation. The other topic we will address under the innovation heading is the role of intellectual property in and for entrepreneurship.

The final day of the course will focus on the close context entrepreneurs operate in (complementing the larger institutional context discussed earlier in the week). We will start out with a spatial view of entrepreneurship, where location choices and their implications will be central. We then turn to even more immediate contexts, discussing the role and effects of incubators and accelerators.

In addition to this we want course participants to be able to present and discuss their own PhD-work, and we want to retain some flexibility to address topics not listed here that might come up along the way.

Date & Location

Start date: 10/06/2024
Date digital: June 10th – 14th 2024
Location: ORG21 is offered online (on Zoom) by NHH