Entrepreneurship as Design

In conjunction with Saras Sarasvaty’s promotion to honorary doctor at Chalmers University of Technology, Chalmers are organising a two day PhD course (3 ECTS) on the topic “Entrepreneurship as Design.

The course will be taught jointly by Saras Sarasvathy, Dimo Dimov, and Henrik Berglund.

The course is a NORSI partner course and takes place at Chalmers June 13 and 14 (directions: https://goo.gl/maps/HscmxvidVfLCTciF8).


June 13
09:30-10:00: Coffee and sandwich

10:00-12:00: General introduction to (entrepreneurship as) design
Simon, H. (1988). The science of design: Creating the artificial.
Schön, D. (1992). Designing as reflective conversation with the materials of a design situation.
Berglund et al. (2020). Opportunities as artifacts and entrepreneurship as design.
Berglund and Dimov (2022). Grounding and Developing the Design Perspective. (WP)
Sarasvathy (2022). Interfaces and Interactions. (WP)

12:00-13:00: Lunch

13:00-18:00: Discussions of Entrepreneurship as Design via three books
Dimo Dimov leads the discussion of: “Instruction of Imagination” by Daniel Dor
Saras Sarasvathy leads the discussion of: “The Precipice” by Toby Ord
Henrik Berglund leads the discussion of: “What Things Do” by Peter-Paul Verbeek

19:00: Dinner at Nearby Restaurant

June 14
09:00-13:00: Reflections on day one, discussion of research ideas related the the readings, AMA.

13:00-14:00: Lunch

Learning outcome

After completing this course, participants will:
* be familiar with basic design theories
* know how design can be conceptualized and related to entrepreneurship
* have discussed entrepreneurship as design from novel perspectives
* have discussed current and potential research project related to entrepreneurship as design


— — — NB! Participants must read and reflected on the four papers and three books in advance — — —

Before the seminar, you will be assigned to a virtual reading group consisting of three or four people. Each participant will individually read the assigned texts. Thereafter the group will set up a (virtual) meeting to discuss the readings and write two or three pages of reflections, ideas, and questions to be discussed during the seminars. NB we do not want summaries but your reflections and ideas. These are emailed to Henrik, Saras and Dimo before the seminar.

Depending on interest, we may stream the seminar as well. However, the actual discussions will take place IRL in the seminar room.

Sign Up Here: Entrepreneurship as Design – Sign Up

Date & Location

Start date: 13/06/2022
Date physical: 13-14 June
Location: Chalmers University of Technology