Academic Writing and Publishing in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research

Do you want to develop your ability to write and publish research on innovation and entrepreneurship?

The course aims to provide the doctoral student in-depth knowledge of academic writing and publication in peer-reviewed international scientific journals in innovation and entrepreneurship research.

The course consists of five full-day meetings with homework between the occasions. The meetings are scheduled from September to November 2024. The teaching takes place in the form of interactive lectures and seminars that require active participation. A final script will be submitted for review and assessment at the end of the course. All teaching is in English.

Each meeting is divided into a morning session and an afternoon session with a different focus. The morning session focuses on key parts of the academic publishing process and the professional and ethical positions that researchers encounter when reviewing and assessing scientific work. The sessions contain themes such as ranking systems for journals, positioning and problematization, the editorial function, review via peer-review, and publishing ethics linked to, among other things, authorship and analysis of empirical data.
The afternoon session aims to develop the doctoral student’s academic writing ability to facilitate publication in international peer-reviewed journals. During the process, the participants gradually write a paper based on feedback from the course leader and other participants. The aim is to work out a publishable manuscript that can be submitted for review.

Full-day meetings are planned as follows:
September 4, 9-16
September 25, 9-16
September 16, 9-16
November 6, 9-16
November 27, 9-16

Credits: 7,5

The doctoral course is organized as part of the doctoral program in Innovation Science at Halmstad University. We welcome doctoral students from other doctoral programs and universities interested in innovation and entrepreneurship research.

The course has fourteen seats. The last day to apply is August 4, 2024.
The teaching is on campus, and there will be no hybrid options.

If you have any questions, please contact the course coordinators:
Jonas Gabrielsson

Thomas Magnusson

Date & Location

Start date: 04/09/2024
Date physical: September 4, September 25, September 16, November 6, November 27
Location: Halmstad University