NORSI Writing the Introduction to Article-based Dissertations: “Kappa”-Workshop 2021

Writing workshop: This three-day workshop is for NORSI students in the later stage of their PhD work who are writing article-based dissertations.

This is a unique opportunity to discuss and learn about the “how, why, what” about ‘kappa’s’.

Location: Oslo
Dates: 10 – 12 November 2021 (Wednesday – Friday)


Kappa kick start: This seminar is designed to kick-start the development of the cover story “kappe” of the participants’ article based PhD dissertation. The aim is to develop a clear sense of what is expected from a “kappe”, and to start developing your own “kappe” with a particular focus on framing the introduction and structuring an outline. The seminar will build on the traditions from the institutions represented at the seminar, discussing the requirements and analyzing completed dissertations. There will be allocated time to discuss each participant’s “kappe” project, as well as time for writing on your own introduction.
The seminar will be an intensive three-day workshop which demands that you come well prepared and ready to work!


How kappas are usually written: The seminar will focus on how “kappas” usually are written and students’ own individual “kappas” that are in progress.
Analysis of different kappas: Each of the students will analyze about three “kappa” of approved dissertations and present and reflect on these during the seminar. We will discuss various forms of “kappas,” their strengths and weaknesses, and how to fit “kappa” to the articles in the thesis.
Your Kappa: However, primarily, the seminar focuses on the “kappa” of the individual candidate. There will be set aside plenty of time for presentations, feed-back and discussions of students’ individual “kappas”.
Writing Sessions: There will also be some writing sessions for students to immediately incorporate feedback they receive for their “kappa’s’”.

Participating NORSI Faculty

Lene Foss, Jönköping University, Sweden

Magnus Gulbrandsen, UiO- TIK – University of Oslo – Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture

Bjørn-Erik Mørk, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway

Roger Sørheim, NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Required preparation before the seminar

As preparation for this seminar you will need to prepare:
– Develop and submit an outline of your own “kappe” Deadline: TBA –
– A group assignment – analysis of 3 published “kappe” Deadline: Ready for seminar
– Individual feedback preparation for group discussions Deadline: Ready for seminar
– You will also be assigned a task to be solved the day before the seminar which we ask you to spend 90 minutes on. Deadline: Ready for seminar

Information about Group Work
Group discussion on individual dissertations – How will it work?
45 min per candidate; 3-4 candidates and one faculty member per group

The opponent starts the discussion by giving his/her prepared feedback, followed by joint feedback and discussion. As all group members should have read all submissions, the discussion will start right away without any presentation first. However, the candidate can start by telling if there is something specific the group should know or something he or she particularly needs feedback on.

10 minutes break between candidates

What do you need to prepare?
There will be a discussion in the group with feedback from all group members including the faculty member leading the group. Hence, you are required to read the submissions of all the members of your group.
You have a particular responsibility act as opponent and provide feedback on one of the other participants’ submissions. Prepare feedback, totaling 10-12 minutes.

The other group members submissions are available in Dropbox. You should have receivced an email with folder invitation from Dropbox.


Application: Students wanting to participate in the workshop, should register by sending an application by email to Birte Horn-Hanssen: with all documents.
Application deadline: 1 October 2021.
Respons from us: You should expect to hear from us about soon after this date

The application should include:
– Name and institution
– Name of Supervisor(s)
– An abstract of your PhD thesis (max 1 page)
– A short account of the status of your PhD thesis, including an account of the articles included and their status (article title, degree of completion, whether it has been presented at a conference, submitted to a journal and if so, status of journal submission), an an account of how far you have come with your “kappe” (In total maximum 1 page)
– Date of expected completion of PhD thesis

We have availability for maximum 20 Norsi students. Priority will be given to students that are close to complete their articles and about/ or has started writing their “kappa”.

Travel and Costs

Accommodation (hotel) and meals are covered by Norsi. Travel costs must be covered by the students or their institution. NORSI will not cover travel expenses for this course.
Please do not book your travel before you have confirmed that you have a spot on the course/seminar


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Date & Location

Date: 10/11/2021
Where: Oslo