NORSI Student Information Meeting: The latest on courses, membership, travel refund

NORSI students at a NORSI course at BI Norwegian Business School.

What: A NORSI information meeting to the NORSI student community. The student involvement and participation in courses and activities are the vital parts of an active research school. Please see meeting presentation for more information.

Why: The NORSI Management Team and NORSI Executive Committee have since the opening of NORSI in January worked on establishing the NORSI student membership policy and information, defining roles and responsibilities of the different coordinating NORSI units (BI, NTNU, SESS), NORSI travel refund policy, and the NORSI course portfolio.  This meeting is to inform you about the new course portfolio, travel and refund policy, and student member applications.

Who: All NORSI PhD candidates/ NORSI students or potential NORSI students are invited. Representatives of the NORSI management team, NORSI coordinators and NORSI student and alumni representatives will be present.

How: We hope as many of you as possible will be able to participate in this Zoom meeting. If you know someone that would like to participate in this meeting, please forward the invitation or contact Birte to get them added to the meeting invitation.

Agenda, presentation, program: As we are geeting closer to the meeting this page will be updated with detailed meeting information.

Useful links:

Meeting info:

NORSI flyer

NORSI student membership

NORSI courses

Meeting Presentation


Date & Location

Date: 15/06/2021
Where: Zoom