NORSI General Assembly Meeting

The General Assembly Meeting is held at least once a year and is attended by institutions’ representatives to NORSI as well as observers (students, alumni and funding partners). Each Consortium Participant/NORSI Partner contributing with financial funding and/or in-kind funding is entitled to appoint one member to the General Assembly.

The NORSI First General Assembly Meeting was held on 28 January 2021 and was convened on Zoom.

Information about the role of the General Assembly is in the Consortia Agreement and outlined here.


  1. WelcomeRoger Sørheim, NTNU
  2. Constitution of the MeetingRoger Sørheim, NTNU & Birte Horn-Hanssen, BI/NORSI Call the meeting to Order, First Meeting, Approve agenda, Qualify of Quarum (verify representatives of institutions), Routines for Meeting Minutes approval and publishing procedures Orientation of regular reports – NORSI project report (activities and finance)
  3. Orientation on NORSI organization, structure, meeting frequency, and activitiesBirte M. Horn-Hanssen, BI/NORSI
  4. Election of Executive Committee – The Election Committee presents candidates, Gry A. Alsos, Nord University
  5. Orientation of the working groups as input for further work and development of NORSIRoger Sørheim, NTNU, Marte C. W. Solheim, UiS, Bjørn Erik Mørk, BI and Åsa Lindholm Dahlstand, Lund University
  6. Comments from representatives
  7. Closing remarks
  8. Adjournment

General Assembly Information and Presentations




Presentation-by-the-Election-Committee-28.01.2021 (1)

Date & Location

Date: 28/01/2021
When: 14:15 - 15:00
Where: Zoom