Educator Workshop: Value, Values and Impact in Entrepreneurship Education

NORSI is proud to present the this online workshop co-created with Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship – SSES.

About the workshop series

Residing on recent insights in the scholarly domain of entrepreneurship education the workshop series aims to give you as an educator useful tools and mind nuggets to advance your teaching. Over time, we hope to shine a light on many issues that occupy your thinking as an engaged educator, while also giving rise to new avenues of inquiry. So, while this is the second workshop in the series, we hope there are many to come.

Workshop instructor

Dr. Lucy Hatt is a Senior Lecturer in Leadership Development and Entrepreneurship at Newcastle University Business School, UK. She researches entrepreneurship education using the threshold concept approach and is interested in how people can develop entrepreneurial ways of thinking in any context.

Lucy’s own words about the workshop

“An entrepreneurial venture can be said to emerge when an entrepreneur establishes a system of exchange relationships with multiple stakeholders for value creation purposes (Pinelli et al., 2021). Entrepreneurship can be defined as new value creation, where value is idiosyncratic and can take many different forms. In creating value for others, an entrepreneur is also creating value for themselves. This session will explore the nature of the value that is created and realised and fulfilled in these exchanges.

However, entrepreneurial thinking is not the sole preserve of entrepreneurs. The idea that only other people can define the value of a potential exchange is proposed as one of its threshold concepts (Hatt and Jarman, 2021). This session will show how assessing developments in students’ understanding of such threshold concepts in entrepreneurial thinking offers a pragmatic approach to assessing the impact of entrepreneurship education across the disciplines.”

Applications are open until Dec 13th.
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Date & Location

Date: 15/12/2021
When: 10:30 - 12:00
Where: Zoom