NORSI Travel Refund Policy

Travel refund procedures for NORSI students, alumni, faculty and supervisors 2021-2024

Who may receive a travel refund?
NORSI will cover travel related expenses to NORSI community members participating in our events. 

Support for travel is provided to NORSI students, alumni, faculty and supervisors who are affiliated with the research school. 

What is reimbursed?
NORSI has two categories of academic courses: core and partner courses and extracurricular activities.

Travel support is given for participation at both NORSI core academic courses and other activities/extracurricular activities such as the annual NORSI conference and writing seminars. NORSI do not cover travel expenses and accommodation in connection with partner courses! Travel reimbursement is not covered for NORSI partner courses unless specifically mentioned.

If there are travel refund limitations for a course or activity, information about this will be listed on the course’s website, and / or at the activity announcement webpage. 

We kindly encourage all students who receive travel funding to take an active part in NORSI, and to attend our annual conference. 

Travel refund specifications

Travel refund for NORSI core courses and extracurricular activities:
Travel expenses (travel and accommodation) will be covered for NORSI students, alumni and faculty. NORSI participants make their own travel arrangement (Economy). You are expected to book economy tickets as soon as attendance at an event is confirmed, and otherwise use public transportation to and from airports etc. NOTE! NORSI does not cover taxis!

NORSI only covers accommodation for the course days. If you plan to stay for longer than the course lasts, this will be at your own expense. NOTE! NORSI covers travel expenses from the city where your home institution is located and to the city where the course/activity is held. NORSI does not cover costs that exceed the amount to be expected for the distance between your home university and the city where the course is held.

NORSI student status: NORSI students’ refund is dependent upon course participation and attendance, and their status as a NORSI member student. You must be an accepted NORSI member student to be eligible for a refund.  If you would like to know how to become a NORSI member, click here

Refund for receipts: Please note that NORSI does not issue per diem (traktamente/diett penger) but will refund per receipt (travel receipt, accommodation receipt etc.), so save your receipts

NORSI does not reimburse food expenses. 

Please notice that for NORSI students in Sweden the original paper receipt is needed if you received the original on paper and not digitally. If the original receipt is digital, you can send it in as a digital copy. 

How to ask for a travel refund – information per country: 

NORSI students, alumni and faculty in Norway: All travel refunds for the NORSI community in Norway is administered through NTNU. 

  • Submit refund requests TO NTNU: Please fill in the online travel reimbursement form and upload scanned receipts. All refund requests should be submitted one month after completion of travel/course. 
  • For those not employed at NTNU, please find information here and use cost center “602505” and project number “906 11 604”: 
  • NTNU Travel refund form: Travel expenses claim for non-employees – Wiki – 
  • Form info: Read link for information and use cost center “602505” and project number “906 11 604”.
  • For NORSI student and faculty employed at NTNU – follow internal procedures. 

Travel refund directly to your academic institutions – refund per invoice: Some Norwegian NORSI students have their institution pay for travel to NORSI course and activities.  if your “home” institution has temporarily covered your travel costs, your institution may send NORSI an invoice (faktura) asking NORSI to cover your outstanding travel costs with copies of your receipts. The Invoice is then sent to NTNU with contact person Lena Aune. 

Travel insurance

NORSI students are responsible to arrange their own travel insurance in connection with NORSI courses and activities!


If you have any questions, please contact NORSI coordinator Elise Irgens or Marianne Castren, SESS (Swedish side of NORSI).