Research dissemination and communication collaboration between NORSI & ESBRI

Scientific journalism and knowledge dissemination

ESBRI stands for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research Institute and is a foundation independent of individual economic and political interests.

ESBRI works primarily with disseminating research-based knowledge about entrepreneurship, innovation, and small business.  ESBRI writes on their website that with qualified knowledge of how entrepreneurship, innovation and small business work, entrepreneurs, policy makers and others can make informed decisions. This leads to a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem, and more sustainable growth.

Disseminating news and research from the NORSI community

NORSI and ESBRI will collaborate on disseminating news and research from the NORSI community. ESBRI has developed several channels and meeting places to reach entrepreneurs, financiers, researchers, students, politicians, and decision-makers across the country and have access to extensive national and international network.

ESBRI is planning to write montly an article, primarily in Swedish about NORSI research projects, students, alumni and NORSI events and collaborations.

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