NORSI awarded funding for another 4 years (until 2020)!

During the next four years, NORSI will continue to develop its doctoral program for PhD student within the innovation field. The success of NORSI so far is a result of its network model and close collaboration between the 10 network partners: BI, HIL, NHH, NTNU, UiA, Nord University, UiO, UiS, UiT and Swedish CIRCLE.
NORSI offers international PhD courses within innovation and is complimentary doctoral program intended to strengthen doctoral students’ knowledge of innovation-based research. NORSI work to enhance the innovation research education and strengthen connections in the innovation research community. NORSI has currently 80 member students, which all are students at the various partner institutions, and equally as many faculty has contributed to the various courses.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) hosts NORSI, and will now be administered by BI Norwegian Business School. Roger Sørheim, NTNU, heads the new NORSI Management Team and Bjørn Terje Asheim will stay on as co-manager. Other members of the team are Gry A. Alsos, Nord University, Lene Foss, UiT and Knut Sogner, BI. Magnus Gulbrandsen, UiO-TIK is the new chair of the NORSI Board of Directors. The Research Council of Norway through their Program for Regional R&D and Innovation (VRI) funds NORSI.

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