NORSI in the News

Here we link to articles about NORSI and NORSI students and faculty that have been published on various websites and media platforms.


September: Interviews in ESBRI with NORSI alumni Hanna Martin, Gothernburg University and Kennth Stålsett, Sør-Varanger Utvikling on how NORSI shaped their Phd education with high quality courses and network building.

June: Interviews in ESBRI with NORSI alumni Nhien Nguyen,NTNU and Nordland Research Institute, and Johan Miörner, Eawag in an article published by ESBRI, NORSI’s new collaborative partner for research dissemination. They also explain how NORSI contributed to their research education.

April: Interview with NORSI alumni Janna Alvedalen, Lund University on her research and PhD thesis titled “Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Life Science Industry: A study of start-ups, scale ups and resilience of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems” published in ESBRI.

March: Article on the benefits and development of a Nordic NORSI:

March: Announcement on NORSI award at The Kamprad Family Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Research & Charity website:

March: Article on the development of a Swedish NORSI nod on ESBRI:

February: Article on the importance of NORSI membership at CIRCLE, Lund University webpage:

January: Article on the opening of NORSI at BI Norwegian Business School webpage: