NORSI awarded funding to expand its international and Nordic collaborations

NORSI is awarded funding to expand its international and Nordic collaborations for another 4 years from Research Council of Norway! NTNU and BI Norwegian Business School will co-host the effort. 25 Nordic institutions have signed Letter of Intent to join. NORSI is a joint effort that is built on the contributions from all members institutions. Thank you to all that are involved and committed to NORSI’s Nordic future.

NORSI 2021-2024 – a Nordic research school based on NORSI’s experiences

In January 2021, NORSI will change its name to the Nordic Research School in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. NORSI will expand on the network and continue the good practices that were established by NORSI during the years 2012 – 2020. NORSI will work to become a Nordic initiative and continue as a research school whose main task are to support and coordinate excellent PhD courses and international network activities within the research areas of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Primary objectives NORSI 2021-2024:

1) NORSI will provide a world-class PhD traning program within innovation and entrepreneurship research, thus enhancing the quality of PhD education in the Nordic area.

2) NORSI will strengthen the Nordic connections in the innovation and entrepreneurship research community.

3) Strengthen international orientation among PhD candidates by providing access to an international research arena with world leading researchers within the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

International Cooperation: Norwegian and Nordic partners – NORSI is a joint initiative, built on all partner organizations’ resources

From 2021, NORSI will be an international network of about 20 fully committed institutional partners with about half made up of Norwegian partners and half from the remaining Nordic countries. The network dimension is realized through how all NORSI member institutions will work together to coordinate activities and pool resources. So far, NORSI is a result of 11 active partner institutions that have contributed and collaborated to this successful research and education venture with facilitating courses, writing seminars, participating in annual conferences and activities supporting students. All institutions already part of NORSI are committed to continuing as partners after 2020.

Nordic NORSI – connect small and fragmented research environments in the Nordic countries

In the Nordic context, PhD education within innovation and entrepreneurship is still non- integrated, and there is great potential for more synergies and increased knowledge-exchange. The situation within the Nordic countries within this research area is similar to the situation in Norway prior to NORSI. Judging from the large interest NORSI received when 25 current and potential new NORSI member institutions met in June 2019 at BI Norwegian Business School to discuss the continuation of NORSI as an international partnership for PhD courses and activities, the need for improved knowledge partnerships at the PhD level was paramount. Presently there is a lack of institutional cooperation between institutions on PhD education. Additionally, the possibility of developing a best practice of PhD research education is an exciting opportunity with the Nordic PhD education field.

A need for collaborative and appropriately vetted knowledge on innovation and entrepreneurial processes

The NORSI course portfolio and research discussions reflects that we increasingly live in a knowledge-intensive society with a strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurial incentives and processes in all sectors. The need for collaborative and appropriately vetted knowledge about innovation and entrepreneurial processes in society has increased. Global solutions to sustainable development challenges such as climate change and inequality requires innovative and entrepreneurial knowledge. NORSI plan to evolve its cross-disciplinary program as the need for appropriately evidence-based understanding in these areas is apparent. With its multi-disciplinary approach NORSI is for young researchers an meeting place that give a disciplinary focus and stronger research identity in a multi-disciplinary research field.

Through NORSI students and faculty are part of a network that provides opportunities for collaborations, research dissemination and international exchanges. Faculty and students expand their network through NORSI and increased collaboration results in hightned internationalization of participating NORSI institutions.

Outcome and impacts by being part of NORSI:

The outcome and impact of NORSI can be found at three levels, for candidates, member institutions and policy makers/society:

For PhD candidates:

– Opportunity to take high-quality academic courses

– Starting building their international research network from day 1 to faculty

members (Nordic and international) and other PhD candidates

– Participation in educational activities such as writing seminars and


For institutions:

– Provide high quality courses and activities to their PhD candidates

– Broader offer of specialized and relevant courses

– Efficient way of providing key elements of  PhD education

– More research collaboration among Nordic institutions

– “Friendly” benchmarking

For policy makers:

– Higher quality and more relevant research within the field of entrepreneurship and innovation

– Stronger cooperation among Nordic institutions, resulting in more and betterresearch applications to national and international research programmes

NORSI is excited about its Nordic and international future!