Announcing keynote speaker associate professor Tina Saebi

Photo of associate professor Tina Saebi, NHH. Photo credit Siv Dolmen

Norsi is proud to present associate professor at Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Tina Saebi as our keynote speaker for our/the Norsi Conference 20 of January 2022!
Saebi obtained her PhD from Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics in 2011. Her thesis investigated how firms can manage alliance portfolios successfully by developing alliance management capabilities. Saebi is theme leader at the Center for Service Innovation (CSI) for research on “best practices in business model innovation” and is the co-editor of the book «Business Model Innovation. The Organizational Dimension ».
In addition to her research on business models and innovation, she teaches Master-level courses in international strategy.
We highly recommend attending Tina’s engaging lecture “Business Model Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Conjoint but Disconnected Literatures?”!