Your NORSI blog post here! NORSI as your online research dissemination platform!

Dear all NORSI students, alumni, and faculty,

NORSI as a platform for research dissemination: at the NORSI conference in January this year, we had a lecture by Associate Professor and NORSI alumni Marte Solheim, UiS, on research dissemination. The alumni research group also arranged a nice research workshop where several of you said that you would like to use NORSI as a platform for disseminating your research, ideas, and thoughts and get feedback from others that read your blog.

We have listened! We have now developed a blog post page on the NORSI website. You can have your blog post listed here. It will also appear on the NORSI home page as a teaser until the next blog post comes along. Then your blog post is archived on the “NORSI Blog page,” still available for others to read.

Unsure about how to write a blog? Most of you are used to writing from submitting papers and articles. So you are all used to writing. That is a great starting point! Luckily, there are several good tips online.

Look at some other blogs for inspiration: Look at Marte’s inspiring and informative slides: Get enthused and maybe look at this page about academic writing blogs:

So how do you post here? Write a blog, send it to Birte and she will post it for you. If you would like to include photos or models etc. send does as well as they may be embedded on the page.

If you have any questions, please contact Birte.
NORSI wish all of you to stay safe during these challenging Corona virus times!