Key impacts and added value for students, faculty and institutions for being part of NORSI.

NORSI students Barbara R. Lappalainen and Jo Anders Sollien, both Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (Lillehammer) attending NORSI Conference 2018.

Impact and added value for the PhD candidates:

•Opportunity to take high-quality courses

•NORSI gives a sense of disciplinary focus and a stronger research identity – “empowerment” of the PhD students

•Possibility to participate in research educational activities

•Develop internation and national network (academic exchanges and placements)

•Research disseminations and knowledge network

•Opportunities for research collaborations  

Impact and added value for faculty:

•NORSI a faculty meeting place

•Faculty and students exchanges of articles on emerging research

Opportunities for sitting on committees, review panels, presentations etc

Impact and added value for institutions:

•NORSI connects fragmented research milieus  – closer relations

•Economic and efficient access to a specialized course portfolio

•Joint teaching effort

•Institutional benchmarking

•NORSI’s collaborative academic nature, faculty and student have to visit or host other institutions.

Benefiting the future:

•NORSI contributes to the next generation of researchers having a deeper and broader knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurial incentives and processes in all sectors.