The 2019 Norsi Conference – A display of well-prepared presentations and comments

Students’ Research: The 2019 NORSI Research School Conference held 17-18 January 2019 at BI Norwegian Business School showcased the interdisciplinary field of research currently being done by Norsi students and their research institutions.

Well prepared feed-back: The Norsi conferences are known for opponents giving well prepared, insightful, and in-depth comments to the presenters. Just as the previous years, this year’s opponents provided perceptive and thoughtful comments to all presenters. Several students exclaimed that this is the conference where they received the most useful comments.
All abstracts Norsi conference 2019.

Participants: 60 participants took part in this year’s Norsi conference at BI Norwegian Business School. There were 22 presenters and 44 prepared comments. NORSI is in its seventh year and the annual conference has become an important meeting place for the NORSI research community.

Key note lecture: This year’s keynote lecture was given by Professor Koen Frenken, Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University on “The Rise of the Platform Economy: An Institutional Perspective”.

NORSI research collaborations: A student initiative took place on 2 day of the conference to discuss current opportunities for joint research activities between NORSI students, graduates and faculty members. Beniamino Callegari, BI facilitated the discussion. Please take a look at the presentation for more information and contact Beniamino if you have any further comments. We hope to continue the discussion at next year’s conference.

An important scientific meeting place: The summary remarks concluded that the event has evolved from a student activity to a scientific conference. The conference is important event for students to develop networks, present their research and make connections.

Mark your calendars – Norsi Conference 2020: You are all invited to next year’s conference to be held 27-28 January 2020 in Stavanger! Plan to present, comment on papers and meet others within your field.

Photos below from Norsi Conference 2019.

  • Norsi student Johan Miörner, Circle, Lund UNi. Photo Torbjørn Brovold