NORSI awarded funding in Sweden!

The Kamprad Family Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Research & Charity has awared NORSI SEK 5 million in grants for the establishment of a Swedish node in the Nordic graduate school in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The grant is managed by the Foundation IMIT under the leadership of Professor Åsa Lindholm Dahlstrand, Lund University and member of the NORSI Executive Committee.

There has been great enthusiasm in the other Nordic countries to join NORSI, and especially in Sweden they want to have a more unified network for research education.

 “In Sweden, the research area is characterized by many and fragmented environments, and participation in NORSI is important to us,” says Professor Åsa Lindholm Dahlstrand. Read interview with Åsa published on the ESBRI website here.

The Kamprad Family Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Research & Charity writes on their website that the purpose of the Kamprad Family Foundation is to support, stimulate and reward education and scientific research to promote entrepreneurship, the environment, competence, health and social improvement. It will focus specifically on implementing the results of the research and education to benefit the many people quickly and cost-efficiently.