NORSI – a jump off point for an active research group

Starting a Collaborative Research Project: 20 NORSI PhD students and alumni met 5 – 6 September 2019 at BI in Oslo to discuss the possibilities for collaborative research projects and a NORSI book project. They see NORSI as a starting point for developing an active research group within areas of innovation and entrepreneurial research.

The intention is to capitalize on the diverse, plural nature of NORSI to deliver a rich, organic description of innovation and entrepreneurship processes from micro, meso and macro perspectives, in the context of a universal evolutionary view of society.

Several of the participants presented their research, background, projects and interests. Perspective presented where devided in sessions consentraiting on the regional perspective, sectors and firms, and people and teams. If you are interested in more information about the workshop, please check the program for the workshop.

Book project and temactics: The editors write that the book will be an article collection aimed at improving our understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship as social phenomena. Emphasizing them as inherently social contributes to mending the unchallenged analytical separation between social structures and processes of change. Change does not and cannot happen in a sterile environment of inert objects, fixed procedures, detached teams, and predictable relationships. For more information on the book please click here.

Publisher secured: Edward Elgar Publishing has manifested interest in publishing the NORSI research anthology illustrating the current trends in Nordic innovation research among younger scholars. An editorial team has been established, composed of three BI Norwegian Business School and NORSI alumni volunteers, Stefania Sardo, Bisrat Misganaw, and Beniamino Callegari.

Photos from workshop in September below.

  • NORSI Alumni Beniamino Callegari welcoming everyone to the research workshop and setting the stage.