Travel Refund

NORSI reimburses all travel expenses (economy) for NORSI students and faculty attending NORSI courses, and other network activities. NORSI refund travel expenses after an event or a course has taken place.


After completion of the course, and for students the paper is handed in, please mail in all your receipts (originals or scanned) to Birte Horn-Hanssen, the NORSI Project Coordinator. Please use the NORSI Travel Reimbursement Form.

However, if your “home” institution has temporarily covered your travel costs, your institution may send NORSI/BI/Birte and invoice (faktura) asking NORSI to cover your outstanding travel costs with copies of your receipts. (Norwegian: Hvis ditt lokal studiested legger ut for deg så kan det lokale studiestedet fakturerer BI for alle sine NORSI studenter med en totalsum for reisekostnadene. Legg ved kopi av utlegg). Please ask your institution to specify who (your name) the invoice/travel refund is for and write NORSI on the invoice. If you have any questions about this, please email Birte Horn-Hanssen.

Per Diem (Diett).

Please note that NORSI does not pay per diem but only reimburses for actual costs. Thus, please save your receipts and ask for a refund for any travel, food and lodging relate expenses.


After a NORSI event has taken please, please email/mail in your travel expense claim to NORSI as soon as possible.

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