NORSI’s management team has five members consisting of the NORSI Project Manager and four members from various NORSI parters institutions.

NORSI is coordinated by BI Norwegian Business School. NORSI is headed by Roger Sørheim, NTNU. Bjørn T. Asheim , UiS is deputy. The other Management team members are Gry A. Alsos , Nord Uni., Lene Foss, UiT – Arctic Uni., and Heidi Wiig, BI. The NORSI project coordinator is Birte M. Horn Hanssen at BI. NORSI’s management team will work for an open and effective communication between all partners and strive for gender balance in courses, in board representation and management.

NORSI’s Management Team tasks are mainly:

  • Quality assurance of courses and other activities (including financea)
  • Initiate new activities that will strengthen the research school
  • Contribute to a good dialogue with all network partners and students
  • (In cooperation with network partners) ensure implementation of courses and other activities
  • Prepare meetings and other activities planned with other network partners

All these activities are carried out in collaboration with the NORSI project Coordinator.


The representatives of partner institutions constitute the Board of Directors and the Managements Team consist of five members of the Board.

Board of Directors

Management Team