The NORSI Executive Committee

The Executive Committee Role:
The EC is the decision-making body of NORSI and reports to, and is accountable to the General Assembly.

The Executive Committee Composition:

The Executive Committee (EC) has twelve (12) members, whereof the General Assembly elects six (6) and the host institutions (NTNU) appoint two (2). The EC represents a combination of members that include members from various countries, sub-disciplines and institutions. EC members are appointed for a 2-year period, with an opportunity to be re-elected.

The Executive Committee members are elected based on suggestion from the Election Committee which takes nomination from all partner institutions.

The Director of the Executive committee will be appointed by the Host Institution in consultation with the Consortium Participants. No Consortium Participant can be represented with more than one member in the Executive committee.

Executive Committee Observers: 
The Executive Committee has 5 observers:

• One (1) representative from coordinating partner Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES), Marianne Castrén
• One (1) Student representative, Julia Winslow, HVL
• One (1) Student representative deputy, Esra Aslan, NHH
• One (1) Alumni representative, Olga Høegh Guldberg, Nord University
• One (1) Representative from NRC, Sven Erik Moen, Norwegian Research Council

All observers have the right to speak and participate in EC meetings.

The student representative is elected through a process organized by the students. Executive Committee shall have the following responsibilities and make the following decisions:

• Be responsible for the proper execution and implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly.
• Seek a consensus among the Consortium Participants.
• Execute the implementation of the Project as well as the deliverables.
• Follow up on the progress of the Project, to assess the compliance of the Project with the Working Plan.

• Propose major changes the General Assembly.

Executive Committee Members:

Marianne Castrén (EC Observer)

Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES)

Tommy Høyvarde Clausen

Nord University, Norway

Åsa Lindholm Dahlstrand

CIRCLE, Lund University, Sweden

Ina Drejer

Aalborg University

Lars Martel Antoine Coenen

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences - Mohn Centre

Magnus Klofsten

Linköping University, Sweden

Bjørn Erik Mørk

BI Norwegian Business School, Norway

Svein Erik Moen (NRC rep.)

The Research Council of Norway

Roger Sørheim (NORSI Project Host/Director)

NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Mats Westerberg

Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

Esra Aslan (Student rep. deputy)

NHH Norwegian School of Economics

Julia Noelle Winslow (Student rep.) (EC Observer)

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences


The representatives of partner institutions constitute the General Assembly and the Management Team consist of representatives of the host institutions and coordinators.

Management Team

General Assembly

NORSI Partners

Student Membership