Business Model Innovation and Design Thinking

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Professor Roger Sørheim, NTNU

Guest Lecture: TBA

Course Institution: NTNU

ECTS:  7,5  ECTS points

Grading: The course is pass/fail

Dates: TBA –  January 2021 more info

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Format: The course will be online  – digital delivery.


Business model innovation is related to how new and existing companies can create new ways to create and capture value. Business model innovation focus on how firms adapt and transform themselves in order to pursue higher performance and competitive advantage. In this course will we look at the theoretical underpinnings of the concepts, the dimensions, attributes, contingencies and outcome of business model innovations. Since its origins in the ideas of Stanford’s John E. Arnold over 60 years ago, design thinking (DT) has evolved to be one of the fastest growing approaches to innovation across the globe. With its emphasis on rapid prototyping and testing, its empathy (EQ) and user-centered design, and its focus on people and our needs, DT privileges the human and creative practices in the pursuit of innovation. The course offer an introduction to the topic of DT and innovation from an engineering perspective and an innovation perspective.



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The assignment for this course is an academic paper. Max. length is 5000 words + references. Use your supervisor for advice and guidance before you submit your paper. We encourage you to link the paper to your own PhD project, However we expect you to make use of one or more perspectives taught during the course.

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January 2021
Digital delivery - facilitated by NTNU, Trondheim

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