NORSI Writing the Introduction to Article-based Dissertations: “Kappa”-workshop

This two-day workshop is for NORSI students in the later stage of their PhD work who are writing article-based dissertations.
Location: Kjerringøy brygge, near Bodø.
Dates: 27-28 April, 2017.

All participants must be present in Bodø at 08:30 a.m. on 27 April at the latest for bus transportation to Kjerringøy.

  • NORSI students at Kjerringøy. 12 NORSI students participated from 4 institutions. Probably the most beautiful NORSI course location! Photo: Gry A. Alsos.
  • Another sunny photo of students and supervisors at Kjerringøy. The students who participated were Oxana Bulanova, Mette Talseth Solnørdal,Uladzimir Kamovich, Ann Camilla Schulze-Krogh, Karin Andrea Wigger, Jan Ole Rypestøl,,Karen Landmark, Marta Morais-Storz, Rikke Stoud Platou, Mohammad Javadinia Azari, Hanne Stokvik, and Kine Berild Norheim. The supervisors were Gry A. Alsos, Lene Foss, and Arne Isaksen.


Formulate a clear sense of what is expected to be included in a “kappa” and how it should be written.
This writing seminar will focus on the writing, structuring and developing of the “kappa” of an article-based dissertation. Despite the fact that article based dissertations have become the most common form of PhD theses within our discipline, there is no clear standard for the “kappa” – neither in terms of form, content or scope. The seminar will build on the traditions from the institutions represented at the seminar.


The seminar will focus on how “kappas” usually are written and students’ own individual “kappas” that are in progress. Each of the students will analyze about three “kappa” of approved dissertations and present and reflect on these during the seminar. We will discuss various forms of “kappas,” their strengths and weaknesses, and how to fit “kappa” to the articles in the thesis. However, primarily, the seminar focuses on the “kappa” of the individual candidate. There will be set aside plenty of time for presentations and discussions of students’ individual “kappas”. There will also be some writing sessions for students to immediately incorporate feedback they receive for their “kappa’s’”.

Participating NORSI Faculty

Gry A. Alsos, Nord
Arne Isaksen, UiA
Lene Foss, UiT- Arctic
Roger Sørheim, NTNU


Detailed program –

Download (DOCX, 18KB)

The seminar will be held in English.

Required preparation before the seminar:
– Write up a 2-3 pages abstract of your kappa and an outline/suggested table of content of your kappa
– Prepare a presentation of 3 kappas from approved dissertations assigned to you (group work)
– Prepare detailed feedback to one of the other students and read the material of the other students in your group to participate in the discussion
You will also be assigned a task to be solved the day before the seminar which we ask you to spend 90 minutes on.


Students wanting to participate in the workshop, should register by sending an application by email to Birte Horn-Hanssen: Registration deadline is March 15th 2017. Please let us know if you would like singel or double room (accommodation) – see below for more info.

The application should include:
– Name and institution
– Supervisor(s)
– An abstract of your PhD thesis (max 1 page)
– A short account of the status of your PhD thesis, including an account of the articles included and their status (article title, degree of completion, whether it has been presented at a conference, submitted to a journal and if so, status of journal submission), an an account of how far you have come with your “kappe” (In total maximum 1 page)
– Date of expected completion of PhD thesis
There will be room for a maximum of 20 students. Priority will be given to students that are close to complete their articles and about to start the writing of their kappe. A priority may also be given to students from institusions contributing with faculty to the seminar.

Travel and Costs

The seminar is free. Accommodation and travel costs must be covered by the students or their institution. NORSI will not cover travel expenses for this course.
Accommodation at Kjerringøy Brygge will be: kr 1325 (single room) or 775 (per person in double room), including breakfast. Please be aware that accommodation will be in modern fishermen’s cottages (rorbu/sjøhus) with shared bathrooms (Three rooms, 2 bathrooms).
Meals (lunches and dinner) will be covered by Norsi.
Please do not book your travel before you have confirmed that there is space available at the course.

Date & Location

27-28 April, 2017.
Kjerringøy brygge, near Bodø.