NORSI Workshop 2 for Current and Potential Member Institutions

Invitations and agenda are forth coming. 

NORSI 2020 – 2024:
NORSI is the Nordic research school for PhD students within the research
areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. NORSI coordinates PhD courses and other activities of high international standard among its partner institutions. All NORSI member institutions work together to facilitate activities and pool resources.

With this network-based approach, NORSI member institutions create an excellent research education within innovation and entrepreneurial-oriented PhD studies in the Nordic countries.

NORSI aims to further coordinate and strengthen the Nordic and international connections in the research community. The NORSI course portfolio and research discussions reflects that we increasingly live in a knowledge-intensive society with a strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurial incentives and processes in all sectors. The need for collaborative and appropriately vetted knowledge about innovation
and entrepreneurial processes in society has increased. Global solutions to sustainable development challenges such as climate change and inequality requires innovative and entrepreneurial knowledge. NORSI plan to evolve its cross-disciplinary program as the need for appropriately evidence-based understanding in these areas is apparent.

With its multi-disciplinary approach NORSI is for young researchers an meeting place that give a disciplinary focus and stronger research identity in a multi-disciplinary research field. Through NORSI students and faculty are part of a network that provides opportunities for collaborations, research dissemination and international exchanges. Faculty and students expand their network through NORSI and increased collaboration results in hightned internationalization of participating NORSI institutions.

The primary objectives of the Nordic Research School in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NORSI):
1) NORSI will provide a world-class PhD traning program within innovation
and entrepreneurship research, thus enhancing the quality of PhD education in the Nordic area.
2) NORSI will strengthen the Nordic connections in the innovation and
entrepreneurship research community.
3) Strenghten international orientation among PhD candidates by providing
access to an international research arena with world leading researchers
within the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Secondary objectives:
1) NORSI will ensure the supply of high quality faculty to the higher
education institutions in the Nordic area.
2) NORSI will contribute to the supply of high quality candidates to research
institutes, governmental institutions and industry in the Nordic area.

Date & Location

2 September 2020
BI Norwegian Business School