Workshop for institutions interested in NORSI membership

NORSI Awarded funding

We are happy to share that NORSI has been awarded funding to expand its international collaborations with a Nordic focus. The funding is to support the continuation for the NORSI administration and some activities.

As we now have received positive news from the Research Council of Norway, it is the time to plan and ask all partners to fully commit to the commencement of a Nordic NORSI.

Workshop invitation

This workshop is for all future partners in NORSI that either have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) previously, or will do so before the workshop.  Please contact Birte, NORSI coordinator if your institution wish to sign LOI and be part of NORSI future.

Workshop date and time

This workshop will take place on September 2nd on Zoom at 13:00 (2 hours). Each institution may be participate with one or two representatives. The student representatives and alumni representative is also invited.

Preliminary agenda/ Format workshop:
2 hours – Online Zoom
Presentation from NORSI Management Teeam
Presentation on Working Groups: group members, topics, tasks, purpose
Group work – participants divided in their working group (3 groups)
National member institutions network/coordination discusions (Norway, Sweden and Iceland, Denmark, Finland)

Workshop preparation

Submit overview of PhD courses: We ask all participating institutions to send in an overview of their excising PhD courses within innovation and entrepreneurship (submit to Birte). The overview of existing courses coupled with the NORSI portfolio will be used as a starting point for discussing/analyzing participating members PhD course interests and needs.

Working groups – participant and institutional involvement autumn 2020

As NORSI is preparing for a Nordic NORSI, we are asking all participants to contribute to a working group with a few online meetings during autumn 2020 to take part in shaping NORSI. The working groups will meet in break out rooms during the online workshop on September 2nd to initiate discussions. Overview of working groups’ discussion topics below.

Timeline and important dates until NORSI Nordic Commencement

  • Registration deadline workshop – June 20th
  • 2 September Nordic NORSI Workshop – Zoom
  • September – January: Working groups meet and discuss – Zoom
  • January – Working groups submit deliverables – Zoom
  • Ultimo January: Nordic NORSI Assembly and NORSI Research School Conference (2-3 days) in Bi Norwegian Business Schoo, Oslo.

NORSI project description

Extracts of project description listed here as a news story on the NORSI website:

NORSI 2021 -2024 In short

  • NORSI 2021-2024 – a Nordic research school based on NORSI’s experiences
  • In January 2021, NORSI will change its name to the Nordic Research School in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. NORSI will expand on the network and continue the good practices that were established by NORSI during the years 2012 – 2020. NORSI will work to become a Nordic initiative and continue as a research school whose main task are to support and coordinate excellent PhD courses and international network activities within the research areas of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Primary objectives NORSI 2021-2024

  • 1) NORSI will provide a world-class PhD training program within innovation and entrepreneurship research, thus enhancing the quality of PhD education in the Nordic area.
  • 2) NORSI will strengthen the Nordic connections in the innovation and entrepreneurship research community.
  • 3) Strengthen international orientation among PhD candidates by providing access to an international research arena with world leading researchers within the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Working groups


• Overview of existing courses at all Nordic member institutions
• Assess existing NORSI courses – recommendations for the way forward
• Research courses «needed»
• Potential for digital webinars – inclusion/exclusion
• Research skills activities – needs and wishes i.e. writing workshop, supervision seminars, presentation skills, policy-workshop, student conferences etc.

• Profile of NORSI consortium – what is NORSI, heterogeneous research area- research subject definition (faglig begrunnelse)
• Post-doc community/membership affiliation/network
• Research Council and NORSI – Internationalization – what are the expectations
• How to include (new) members – national initiatives:
o Sweden initiative/coordination
o Finland initiative/coordination
o Denmark initiative/coordination
o Iceland initiative/coordination

• NORSI blog and research dissemination (expectation, institutional responsibilities, regulatory)
• NORSI communication strategy (external and internal, format, platforms etc.)

Signed Letter of Intent per June 2020:

Institutions with signed Letter of Intent

1. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Project owner/host
2. BI Norwegian Business School (BI), Coordinator/Co-host
3. Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN)
4. Nord University (NORD)
5. Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)
6. UiT – The Arctic University (UiT)
7. University of Agder (UiA)
8. University of Oslo – TIK (UiO-TIK)
9. University of Stavanger (UiS)
10. Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL)

11. Circle, Lund University (CIRCLE)
12. Chalmers University of Technology
13. Halmstad University College – CIEL
14. Jönköping University – Jönköping International Business School (JIBS)
15. Linköping University
16. Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES)
17. Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Through SSES
18. Stockholm School of Economics Through SSES
19. Luleå University of Technology
20. Blekinge Institute of Technology
21. University of Gothenburg (GU)

22. University of Iceland, Reykjavík

23. Aalborg University, Denmark
24. University of Southern Denmark

25. LUT (Lappeeranta univ), Finland

Date & Location

2 September 2020 - Time: 13:00-15:00 (2 hours)